From developing waste management protocols to executing large scale industrial clean-up projects, Rader Environmental services has the experience to guide you through your next environmental project.


Rader has specialized in mercury removal for nearly 20 years.  Rader’s approach to mercury removal is the result of the company’s longstanding interest in the science of elemental mercury.  Depending on conditions, the majority of mercury in spill situations can be cleaned up with a mercury recovery vacuum.  The larger problem lies with the remaining microscopic and/or embedded mercury contamination.  Cleaning up the remaining microscopic and/or embedded mercury is important because mercury vapor is being released if any elemental mercury is present after the visible (unmagnified) mercury spill cleanup is completed.  Rader understands this and has developed effective methods that can be put to work for you to clean up both visible and microscopic mercury.

When you employ Rader to address your mercury problem you are hiring a team of experts with experience on many mercury removal projects.  A Rader chemist will visit the site with a Lumex 915 plus Mercury Vapor Analyzer and determine the best, least complicated way to decontaminate and remove elemental mercury from your facility.