Retail Reverse Distribution

Are you a retailer with unwanted, damaged, unsold, or otherwise “unsellable” products that you would like to be recycled or that can’t be disposed of in a landfill? Then you might want to look into Rader Environmental’s Retail Reverse Distribution program.

Rader Environmental will return your damaged products to their original manufacturer for disposal, re-use, or recycling. Some materials are excluded, such as hazardous waste that would typically be shipped under a manifest, Lithium batteries, and more.

Rader provides retail reverse distribution services for many major retailers, including leading cosmetics companies. Instead of sending it to the landfill, we specialize in helping retailers recycle nail polish for re-use. We recycle highly flammable nail polish into acrylic paint and donated it to artists, surfboard designers, as well as cities and retail-shop owners that need to paint over graffiti on their property.

Disaster Recovery Services

Rebuilding your retail business after a disaster can be challenging and emotional, but Rader is here to help you get through this difficult time. After a flood, hurricane, or other devastating storm impacts your retail property, we can help by providing disaster recovery services. This includes assessing the damage to your contaminated products and disposing of them properly.

Contact Rader Environmental to discuss your retail hazardous waste recycling and disposal needs.

Retail Hazardous Waste