Industry Materials

Selecting the Right Hazardous Waste Disposal Company

If you are ready to clean up your facility and remove hazardous waste or clutter from your working environment, you should call a hazardous materials expert to help ensure you’re compliant with all of the

regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you’re not compliant, you could face steep fines, damage your surrounding environment or harm your most important asset: your employees. 

The Importance of Waste Characterization and Analysis

So how can an environmental services partner help you? For starters, such a company can identify waste streams for proper and efficient disposal. A waste stream may be presumed to contain certain constituents above regulatory thresholds for compliance purposes, but disposal facilities may still require testing before accepting a waste stream. Ask disposal companies for a list of tests and approved methods and acceptable laboratories. This step will prevent you from spending money on unnecessary laboratory tests.

When hiring a testing firm clearly identify these specific services: 

  • Who is responsible for collecting samples?

  • Who will arrange to have it analyzed?

  • Who will arrange to have an expert look at the analysis results?

  • Who will determine if the waste is hazardous and at which regulatory limit?

For questions on which qualities are the most important to in an environmental services partner, or for questions about waste characterization and analysis, contact Rader Environmental today.