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Rader Environmental specializes in remediating hard-to-dispose of or “challenging” hazardous waste. Due to all the legal restrictions surrounding it, one challenging material to dispose of in Ohio is medical marijuana waste. Medical marijuana dispensaries and testing facilities often have this type of material on-site at their facilities. 

So, how do these cannabis generators turn their surplus waste product into a non-controlled substance? According to the Ohio Administrative Code, marijuana, or cannabis waste, must be destroyed by rendering it “unusable.” Well, how exactly is marijuana waste rendered unusable? By grinding the waste and incorporating it with other ground material, such as compost. 

When all is said and done, the resultant mixture must contain at least 50% non-marijuana waste. This mixture can then be safely disposed of in a landfill, incinerator or non-hazardous solid waste facility.

Two types of materials are used to render marijuana unusable:

1. Compostable Waste 

Marijuana can be combined with compostable mixed waste and disposed of as compost feedstock. It can also be rendered useless via another organic waste method, such as an anaerobic digester, and can be mixed with: food waste; yard waste; vegetable-based oils or grease; or other wastes approved by Ohio’s State Board of Pharmacy, such as biodegradable products and paper, clean wood, plant materials, fruits or vegetables.  

2. Non-Compostable Waste 

Cannabis waste to be disposed of in a landfill or by another method must be mixed with the following types of waste materials: Paper waste, cardboard waste, plastic waste, soil, or other wastes approved by the state, including non-recyclable plastic, leather, and broken glass.

If you utilize the aforementioned disposal methods, the State of Ohio considers your marijuana waste unusable. At that point, it can be remitted to a solid waste facility, landfill or incinerator for final disposal.

Rader Launches Marijuana Waste Disposal Program

To help marijuana waste generators maintain clean, compliant and environmentally sustainable facilities, Rader Environmental can provide a customized marijuana waste disposal solution for any generator of this controlled substance. Read more here: Rader Marijuana.

Generally speaking, our approach includes these five steps: 

1. Management Plan Assessment

A Rader disposal expert will visit your facility or site to conduct a free compliance audit. After gathering all of the information and assessing your needs, we will implement a final waste disposal process.

2. Training, SOPs and Best Practices

As part of the next step, we provide you with training on how to safely dispose of marijuana waste and implement an inventory management system. Having standard operating procedures in place ensures that you are compliant with all state and local laws.

3. Placement of Compliant Containers and Placards

We will provide you with, or make sure you are working with compliant Department of Transportation (DOT) waste containers. These receptacles are locked and contain proper placards and signage describing the waste product.

4. Compliant Waste Destruction

Rader understands how to render medical marijuana unusable. We follow all state and local regulatory laws to ensure your waste is safely destroyed. We also have the proper personnel on staff to oversee the waste destruction process from start to finish.

5. Efficient Recycling and Disposal Services 

Your company’s customized medical marijuana disposal solution includes the choice of recycling the waste product or landfill/incinerator disposal. Either way, you will be fully compliant with DOT and EPA regulations and laws. 

Can I Get a Witness? Yes, You Better! 

The State of Ohio requires all waste and unusable marijuana products to be weighed, recorded and entered into the dispensary or lab testing facility’s inventory tracking system prior to rendering it unusable. One of your company’s key employees must witness the destruction of the material in a designated area with fully functioning video surveillance. Records of electronic destruction and disposal of the waste are required to exist for at least three years. 

There are additional laws and guidelines for the proper disposal of marijuana waste. If you have any questions, consult with your local authorities or the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. We are also available to answer any questions you may have. 

Contact Rader Environmental to see how we can provide a customized solution for your medical marijuana waste disposal needs.